Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Small-ish update

I'd like to go ahead and attribute my lack of updating to my lack of planning. Seeing as we've now book all of our time sensitive vendors (reception and ceremony, photographer, DJ), we're holding off on getting anymore contracts until it gets closer. We don't need a baker or a florist yet. They just need to come, drop off my stuff, and leave. They don't need to be booked for the whole day, so I'm in no rush. 

However, my next planning move is to find things for welcome bags for out of town guests. I also want to slowly start acquiring favors. I've pretty much settled on what I want to use, and I won't say on here just yet, since I have the link to this on our website and therefor visible to everyone invited. My plan is to go get a few more every time I get paid until I've bought enough. I plan on getting a few extras too. I'm going to guess they'll be popular, get swiped quick and that some people more take more than one. Hint, it is in fact, something that can be ingested. You'll find out at some point. 

I still need to run all this by Rob. I will probably tomorrow, since I just solidified it in my own brain today and he won't be home from work until late tonight. This is an area of planning I can see him being indifferent too, or not even knowing your supposed to do, so I'm guessing he'll be fine with my decision. 

And when I say run this idea by him I mean the favors. We've briefly talked about having welcome bags for everyone staying at the hotel, so I know he's on board with this. I went out and looked for things to make these bags out of today. I only managed to find four rolls of ribbon in the right shade of blue. They were sold of the right shade of pink, so I'll keep checking back and buy it when they have it again. I have no idea about the actual bag part. I think I might make them myself. They sell pre-cut pieces of fabric. I'm thinking of buying enough of those and making little drawstring bags. 

Anyways, that's really it. I wanted to make sure I posted something, but until we get within the one year mark, our planning is going to be slower than it was before. Posts will get more frequent and hopefully more exciting and planning filled as the date gets closer. But until then, I'll keep on top of it, I promise!

...and hey! Only 424 more days to go!

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