Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Cake!

So, we went to a cake tasting. We went to Bagels and Cakes because I've heard nothing but amazing things on The Knot local boards about the lady there. She was awesome and her prices were good. She can make us a really cool shaped grooms cake too. I was disappointed, however, that we only got to try two different kinds of cake. I plan on making us another appointment at another baker to taste more things before we settle on working with Lori. I have the "preferred" list from the Ramada, but only one of the four Geneva bakers besides Lori seems to still be in business and I left a message. Hopefully they'll get back to me promptly. 

Not much else on the wedding front. Still debating honeymoon ideas; where to go when, how to get there, the dog, etc. 

I should call a florist too I guess. Otherwise, I just made a google documents list of everything left to do. I'm sure I left a thousand things out. Like how I just remembered as I type this that I put nothing relating to our coordinator on the list. Ya know, like scheduling our rehearsal, detail appointments, menu tasting and selection, compiling and providing vendor lists, everything that has to with the venue essentially. Dur.

Not wedding related, the deck still isn't finished. The stair railings are proving to be a huge challenge. Since they had to be so high we had to plan and cut our own stringers and make the stairways from scratch completely. One starts from the box the other from the beams, so they aren't the same angle. It's making things difficult. But we do have like a third of the balusters in place, so that's great. 

Anyways, guess that's kind of it for now. Hopefully I'll have more concrete updates one of these days.

Count down... 285 days or 9 months, 1 week and 5 days. Getting there. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


First and foremost, let's start with wedding related things today. I finally bought a dress. I agonized over the same two dresses for like two more hours on Friday. Annie came in to be the voice of reason, as she sometimes is. Also, she hadn't seen either dress yet and was completely unbiased. I ended up settling on the second dress. As much as I'll have to push the images of ruffles out of my mind, I'm happy with my choice. I think what finally did it for me was when I put it on the last time, Better Together by Jack Johnson came on. Rob and I both love us some Jack and our first dance will be a Jack song. So as I was being laced up and listening to it, it made it feel right. Although, I did spend many a months envisioning the first dress, so here's to hoping I don't wake up in a cold sweat a few months from now questioning my decision. 

Other than that, nothing really wedding related is happening. Rob asked again about cake tastings, so I guess I'll call this weekend and set one up. Next month I plan on finding a florist. Then everything will be booked except a caterer for the rehearsal dinner. 

On a non wedding related note, I ran my triathlon on Sunday. I killed it! I finished in 2:14:45, way under my less than 3 hour goal. I averaged 16mph the whole bike ride, which is great! I'm hoping to run three next year. Scott was there taking photos for The Eagle and took a bunch of me and submitted them for the spread in the paper. It comes out tomorrow, so I'll have to look for it. 

Compliments of Scott Schild Photography

Also, a most happiest of birthdays to my beautiful mother!

Ok, enough bragging! As usual, there are 9 months, 3 weeks and 4 days until the wedding, or 298 days! Woo for being under 300!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Checks, Triathlons and Decks

So, it seems we finally have an officiant and two flower girls. That's exciting! Rob's cousin Daniel is ordained and is going to officiate for us. And two of Rob's cousin's little girls will be our flower girls. There's too many boys to make it fair to pick a ring bearer, so we may forego that. Though, Rob really wants Griswold to do it. I don't think he'll be well enough behaved and I'd be hesitant to ask someone to truck him back to our house after the ceremony. So we'll see. 

I still don't have a dress. My mom and I are going back to New York Bride after she gets out of work on Friday. Should I chose the dress that's been causing my agony though, we'll go buy the sample from Spybaby, since that one is my size. The sample at NYB is way too big for me. I've exhausted my salon options in Syracuse at this point, so I need to bite the bullet or be prepared to drive to Rochester in hopes they'll have other options out there, which I don't want to do. 

I have a makeup trial scheduled for late October. I may call and bump the time to an earlier slot in the day, take the day off of work and also go get my hair done that day too. Get the full effect.

I also ordered 18 eggplant purple table runners off the wedding classifieds board on The Knot for only $36 including the shipping. It's an awesome deal and they'll be here Friday. Our venue includes only white, ivory or black linens free of charge. Custom colors have to be ordered and paid for, so we're going to use the white and try to find out own colored linens. If I can find enough eggplant colored napkins we'll be all set. 

On a not wedding related note, Rob and I are still grueling away at the deck. It's finally starting to look mostly finished. We'll be finishing up laying decking this weekend, finishing the second stair case and hopefully starting to put up railings. He says this will go quick. I beg to differ. Nothing about this project has been quick and we're going to have to some major cutting for the railing posts. 

And speaking of the deck, I fell through it Sunday. Literally, through it. We had some four foot deck boards laid out and the ends were hanging over an opening between joists. I took a step backwards without looking where I stepped first. I stepped on the ends hanging over the nothingness and they popped up like a cartoon character stepping on the end of a rake and down I went. I caught myself on the joists, thankfully, considering the deck is well over five feet off the ground. I thought I broke my wrist at first, but everything wiggles and moves mostly pain free, so I opted out of going to the hospital. My triathlon is Sunday and I've been training since November. Last thing I need is to be told I can't race seven days before the event. 

I have tomorrow and Friday off from work. Tomorrow we'll do deck stuff in the morning then go to camp in the afternoon. Friday I just couldn't justify driving back to Geneva just to turn around and come back to Cuse on Saturday to rack my bike and pick up my race packet. Then Sunday is my big day, the Syracuse Irongirl! Wish me luck!

Today also marks ten months until the wedding. Only 304 days left!