Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Banded" Together

When Rob and I first got engaged, one thing he got really involved in looking at were wedding rings. We have the same outlook on the rings, which is that we both need to be happy with the ring we wear because we're the ones who have to wear it, look at it, like it, forever. 

Right after we were engaged, we looked around a lot for wedding rings. There was a jeweler going out of business here in Geneva (he was retiring and closing shop) and the prices were crazy good. We almost bought plain bands just because the prices were so low. But essentially we decided that rings were one area we planned to splurge on. Men's bands are much less exciting and have less variety, so it took Rob a while to find one he liked. I stumbled across a meteorite band on Pinterest and sent it to him and he's completely sold on that now... cool isn't it?

I on the other hand am completely in love with tension set bands. On top of that I want a two toned wedding band to match my two toned engagement ring. And, I want something kind of fancy and bold, since I won't be able to wear both rings on one finger. My engagement ring is just too big to put another ring next to (and that's a problem how, haha). So when I have just a wedding ring on my finger, I want it to take up some space on my finger! I found a jeweler I really like, who sells two toned tension set rings, with the diamonds included both in the setting and in the price. Typically the diamond has to be purchased separately, so I'm stoked to find some I like where it's included without jacking the price out of reach. Granted, the one I really want, if money was no object, is out of reach (so many diamonds!) I'm going to be a good, economical bride and settle on a single stone ring. I think I'm going to go with this one:

Isn't it pretty? I'm pretty excited about it. And I'm really happy that Rob and I both have the same philosophy about wedding rings being worth their money. I mean, you have to wear it EVERYDAY FOREVER and be happy about it FOREVER. 

On a different note, I'm excited to go bridesmaids dress shopping again soon. And then my mom and Sharron and I are going to look at flowers and start planning some floral arrangement ideas. So exciting!

Only 410 days left. 

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