Friday, April 6, 2012


Choosing colors for our wedding was such a point of contention between Rob and I. Every combination of colors I liked he said reminded him of some sports team or something else arbitrary. Yellow and purple looked like the Lakers jerseys, orange and yellow looked like the sun, yellow and pink looked like Animal from the Muppets... (can you tell I really wanted yellow). We finally settled on pink and blue. Fuschia/hot pink-ish and a bright cerulean-ish blue. Yes. 

The Ramada, where we're hosting the reception, charges extra for linens and chair sashes in your colors. I don't feel like the extra charge is worth it basically to make only me happy. No one else will notice or probably care. But I want to incorporate our colors somehow. 

For the table tops I'm thinking of using satin ribbon to tie around the napkins. Each table can have either pink or blue ribbon. We're also planing on buying votive candles and translucent marbles in our colors for the centerpieces. For the chairs, I'm thinking of buying tulle in our colors and making my own sashes. Or maybe I'll do it in some sort of satin fabric. We'll see how much money I feel like spending (blowing). This sounds great in theory, but I also don't know if I have it in me to make 120 chair sashes. Though if Emily and Elaina help me, it would go quick. They both love doing that kind of stuff and are better at it than I am, so it's possible. 

I think Rob is probably ok with my favor idea. He was a bit concerned about the cost, but they're only $2 each, which is actually pretty good and pretty typical. He didn't even have any idea about what people usually give as favors, so like I figured, he seemed somewhat indifferent with the exception of the cost. 

That's ok, we have time! 421 days to go!

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