Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Deposit...

So we met with Ken Paradise from Paradise Entertainment yesterday morning. We have officially secured him for our wedding, so yay to getting first choice vendors!

We were supposed to meet with him a few months ago, but on the Saturday morning we were supposed to meet, the radio station we planned our meeting for was locked and no amount of knocking got anyone to let us in. So when we bumped into him at the Geneva Bridal Expo last month, we brought it up. He immediately apologized profusely and offered us a discount rate if we chose to use him.

We went with a package that's normally $750 for four hours of DJ service. He gave us five hours for $795 (instead of charging us the extra hour at the rate $125, which it normally costs), we also got 10 uplights for $199 (instead of $350) and he gave $150 off the overall price. So what should have been well over $1200 we got for a grand total of $845, and I am happy about it! He's the most sought after DJ in the Finger Lakes region and I really wanted to make sure we got him. And we did!

From here, things should calm down. I may even hit a lull in planning to some degree. The remaining vendors we need aren't the kind who need to be there for the whole event, such as a florist and a baker, so they can wait. My bank account would appreciate it I'm sure.

And, only 432 more days til we get hitched. The days are dwindling!

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