Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wedding Brain

I feel like at this point in the game I should have more to say. I mean, time is ticking and things are happening. But it's not big ticket items anymore, like booking vendors. It's small things, tedious things, that creep up before you even realize they're there. 

Speaking of vendors, I've spoken to all of them but the baker and florist at this point. But we still have some time. But final talks have begun and it's exciting to nail down final, specific details with them. 

I've spent money. No, that's not meant to be a joke about how stupidly expensive weddings are. I paid the remaining balance for our DJ and lighting, bought a cake topper, bought a cute monogrammed shirt to get ready in that I'm now second guessing. Buying multiples of frivolous details has been a non stop problem for me. But at least if I'm going to be super fickle it's over earrings and shirts, not vendors or other more expensive and difficult things to orchestrate. 

My bridal shower is one week from Saturday. I'm a little sad at the amount of "no" rsvp's Emily has been getting. But I also know how amazing she is and that no matter what it will be wonderful, fun, an spectacular. And I get to spend time with friends and family, so it's still a win. I also have my make up trial that weekend too. So if I like the results I can call and cancel the other girl. 

We've had a steady stream of rsvp's for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner coming back to us since we sent them out. And yes, in case anyone is confused, the rehearsal dinner rsvp card is included in the invitation. Everyone's invited. It's more of a welcome BBQ, so don't be so confused about it, you were all supposed to get one!

Rob has started to seriously book our honeymoon. We are now up to plane tickets, our hotel in San Francisco, a Giants/Toronto and Yankees/Mariners game, and we're looking into Seattle hotels now too. So that's very exciting.

It feels so close and yet still so far away at the same time. I just can't wrap my brain around the dwindling time that's left. I know more stuff has been done since I last updated, but at this point I can never remember when I did what and what stuff I've already mentioned. It all just feels like a blur, moving really fast but also like the days are dragging their feet counting down. I don't know. 

Whew. Okay. Only 2 months and 4 days left to go. Considering we started at 533 days, we're now down to a measly 65 left. Eek! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Final Knot Tying

Time is a tickin'!

We are getting really down to the wire now and it feels like there's a lot to do but at the same time nothing to do. 

We finally crossed buying wedding rings off our list. That is a huge relief as it's been such a difficult process for us. We decided on a card box and now just have to buy the material to "make" it. I also just ordered a cake topper and a cutesy shirt for getting ready in. Because how cute I look is clearly what's important. 

I'm starting to contact vendors for final meetings as well. I just snagged us a date and time the first week in May to meet with our DJ and finalize all our music. I've been in contact with our coordinator about what she needs from us and what questions I have for her. I'll be stopping by the florist on my way home from work today hopefully to just solidify a few things with her. And I fired off an email to our photographer so as soon as I hear back from her that should be everyone except our baker. 

Our invitations went our before I left for Las Vegas the first week of the month. We've gotten a ton of responses back already! Over 50 yes's and only 4 no's so far. I'm so excited to check the mail everyday and I really hope I don't have to track people down after the rsvp date. But that's not until May 1st, so no worries there. One I get at least half back I plan to start labeling place cards and hopefully we can sit down and start doing our seating chart together. 

I'm going to have to give Rob a big kiss at some point because he's been wonderful in all the planning. Involved and opinionated, but letting me run with a lot of it. That said, almost all the decisions have been joint up to this point, so I'm happy to say I can't wait for our wedding. 

The next big thing on the docket is probably the ceremony. I asked Daniel about it not too long ago, but we don't have anything for that planned yet other than a reading and writing our own vows. Sooooo, I might start to worry soon if we don't get a jump on that. But otherwise it looks like all the big stuff is really taken care of.

We've also started to book honeymoon stuff too. We're hoping in another week or so to really book most of the stuff for that. Since we're doing a Pacific Coast Road Trip, a lot of individual things need booking, unlike if we did the traditional route of a cruise or an all inclusive place. But that's just not our style and I'm super excited for what we have planned so far on this front. 

My bridesmaids dresses are all seemingly in at this point. I went and tried my dress on with Emily and Annie when they picked their up and tried them on. They came out wonderful and I'm excited about how they look. And I scheduled my first dress fitting for April 17th while we were there. My mom ordered a dress and both dads have been fitted for a tux at this point. All the groomsmen need to be fitted by this Sunday, so hopefully that happens. They've been a little lax about going and getting it done. Sharon is working on our centerpieces, flowers, and other decorations she's doing for us. Things are just coming along. I'm really happy to say we had no major disagreements, no major hurdles, arguments, nothing. Our wedding planning has gone about as smoothly and without a hiccup as I think it's possible for wedding planning to go. So I'm pretty pleased. 

Ahhhh, I can't wait! Only 74 days left to go! That's 2 months, 1 week, and 6 days. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

EnCOUNTERing Wedding Checks

Getting things done! That's how I feel right now at least.

I finished addressing, stamping and stuffing invitations and I am putting them in the mail TOMORROW. Soooo exciting! 

One of Rob's co-workers daughters is a professional make up artist and he gave me her contact information. She seems amazing! It'll end up being the same cost as the girl I have booked form Canandaigua, but she can do airbrushing and fake eyelashes, both of which I wanted. I scheduled a trial with for April 6th first thing in the morning. That's the day of my shower so I figure I can go all done up and all my girls and my mom and Rob's mom can see it and decide if they want their make up done too so I can give her a head count. 

The bridesmaids dresses are in! They came in last week, so tomorrow I'm going to Syracuse in the afternoon. My mom is going to look for a dress for herself and hopefully Emily and Annie will meet us there so I can see the dresses. I'm also going to try my dress on with all the various jewelry pieces I bought a make me final decision there. So I' pretty excited to try my dress on again, find something for my mom, and see my girls in their dresses. 

Then Thursday I fly to Las Vegas. Rob is there for a conference now and I'm meeting him there. While we're there we're going to look at rings and hopefully buy them. Then, when we get back I'm going to make all our final vendor meetings. Which means we'll have to finalize all our music selections, a must have photo list, and all our details we still need to work out. 

Annnnd, on the non wedding front, I resurfaced our kitchen counters. And they came out pretty well. It's a surprise for Rob for when he gets home next week (unless he reads this, but I don't think he does. But if so, no surprise for him, haha)

Some before and afters. I use Rust Oleum Countertop Coating paint. It's specifically made for resurfacing laminate countertops. I won't put things on it or use it probably until Tuesday since it has to cure for a few days, but it's supposed to be a wonder resurfacer and last for years. So here's to hoping he likes it. It also makes the blue floors more subdued since they aren't as blindingly obvious against the dark gray. 

Anywho. 90 days left. That's it! That's 2 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day!