Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trivial Affirmation

Wow, it's been a while. Mostly because we don't have a lot to plan right now. All the big necessities are book, for the most part. The upcoming things are going to be picking out attire (us and the wedding party), cake, flowers, ordering wedding party gifts, and an officiant. But that's all stuff that can be done after the one year mark. 

We went to trivia on Tuesday, and we'll go again tonight. The DJ running trivia here in Geneva happens to be Ken Paradise, our wedding DJ. He is awesome! He was hilarious, made the game so fun, got right in with the groups, it was great. We want to go every week just to really build the report with him and get to know him really well prior to the wedding. 

We talked a lot this weekend about wedding music. Ken has a really cool online playlist builder for putting together our wedding/reception music and we'll hopefully start plugging some songs into that soon. Rob and I have agreed pretty much on all the kinds of music and songs we want for our reception. It was pretty easy to make a decision really. We're going to have small children at our wedding, so the music needs to be kept PG. And that's fine by us, as neither of us are big into rap/hip hop/r&b/etc. 

But really, going to trivia and having Ken Paradise running it and making it so fun completely reaffirmed our decision to pick him as our DJ. We could have gone with someone less expensive, but you get what you pay for, and we're excited to pay for a fun reception!

There are only 382 left until the wedding... that's 17 days away from the one year mark!