Monday, September 24, 2012

Butter Cream Let Downs

I've been meaning to post for a while now. Oops.

I've been insanely busy at work. It's calming down now. Covering two counties has me running all over the place and consequently I've left a program I need for tomorrow in Yates County. But I have zero desire to go get it, so I'll plan something else instead and we'll do that program the following week. I've also started to let some of the Yates programming slip, since it's not going to be my county much longer and I'm losing my interest in the back and forth nonsense. My boss extended the formal job offer to a girl I graduated college with, but she has to relocate, so it may still be a few weeks or so before she starts. No rest for the weary I suppose. 

As for wedding stuff, it's been slow. There isn't much more to right now until after the holidays other than securing a baker and florist and taking our long over due engagement photos. We went to another cake tasting yesterday with my parents and we were all pretty disappointed. Her cakes tasted generic and out of a box, she didn't make any fillings for us to try even though she told us she made the peanut butter filling as I asked for. She also said she'd have three cakes with all the flavors I asked for and instead we go one cake, no fillings, only plain white and chocolate cake with plain buttercream on half and peanut butter buttercream on the other half. She kept pushing us for specific design details, which we don't have yet, and she can't do a "cake boss" style grooms cake. So, she's out. My parents told me to make another appointment at Bagels and Cakes, where we went last time and we'll go eat more cake there and put down our deposit with Lori. 

I told my mom I'd make a florist appointment for October sometime for her and I. I also ordered one of those cute custom hangers for my dress. It's made of cherry wood and will say "Mrs Fields", which is exciting. 

Our engagement photos are the next hurdle. We were supposed to do them like a month ago, but rescheduled for October 13th. We picked that date because the camp 5K is also then so we'll be in Syracuse anyways. But Annie made her birthday shindig for that afternoon now, so it might be hard for us to get Scott to get back out to camp after the race to take them. He's running it with us, but we'll want to go home and shower first then go back. So who knows. It's frustrating. 

Anyways, that's enough for now. 

250 days left until the wedding. That's 8 months, 1 week and 1 day. Woo!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Party Time!

Oh my, I've been meaning to write, but I've been busy! We have finally finished the deck. A few balusters left to stain and one more lattice sheet to go up underneath to keep butthead puppy from going under and digging, but it's done. We even bought fancy furniture to put on the deck. 

We put up cute color lights around the umbrella too. Looks like a stock photo out of a BB&B catalog. We're good like that.

Before and after of the back of the house. Yeah, that took two and half months, but it was worth it.

Also not wedding related, work has been busy! The Ontario county educator got a job offer elsewhere and money talks. And they needed her IMMEDIATELY. Like they called her and asked her to start the next day. She stuck out that week, but she was gone after Friday. So my boss has me covering Ontario and Yates county right now until we hire a new educator. And when we do, they'll take over Yates from me and I get to move into Ontario. No more commuting! My office is only a few blocks from our house and I get to work with people again! No more endless hours in an office all alone anymore. 

Wedding related, not much. We have a cake tasting scheduled for the 16th that I need to change. I forgot I have to be in Syracuse that day to watch Cloe while my parents are down in NYC for a Yankee game. Talked to our photographer a bit about an additional photo shoot. I reallllly, need to get a jump on finding a florist. OH, I also emailed our DJ and asked him to add doing the music for the ceremony to our contract. We originally only booked him for the cocktail hour and reception. But we need him for the whole day. Haven't heard back yet, but since he's the most highly sought after DJ in the region, I'm not taking it personally. I'll call him in a few weeks if it's still no return email. I know he's busy.

That's my news for now I guess. All our friends are coming this weekend for an early birthday bash for Rob. He turns a whooping 29 next week. What an old man he is =P

In my usual fashion, 270 days left. Or 8 months and 4 weeks. Sooo close. We were over 500 days away like yesterday, I swear. The time is getting away from us!