Sunday, April 22, 2012

Making it Meaningful

We changed our colors again. It was such a point of contention to pick colors we could both agree on. But right from the start there was a combination we both liked; orange and purple. We nixed it originally because that also happens to be Hobart College's colors and we didn't want everyone thinking we chose them because we had some emotional attachment to the college. 

I remember we went, with some of our friends, to Washington DC last spring break. I drove down with our friends and Rob drove up form his NIRSA conference in New Orleans. He stopped on his way up to visit his Space Camp friend Cici. He told her he was thinking of proposing. That was eight months before he actually did. One of the days in DC, we were walking from the metro station down to the National Mall and we walked past the World Health Organization building. Outside of it was a huge patch of orange and purple tulips. I remember seeing them and thinking about how beautiful the color combination was and that someday, if I got married, those would be my colors. And now they are.

We also came up with the most awesome idea for what we want "thrown" at us for our recessional after the ceremony. I figured we would just do something traditional/normal like bubbles or confetti, but we're going with something very personal to us. It will require some DIY work, but it's something we're both excited to sit down and make one day and I'm sure we can get a few of our friends to help us. I have no intentions of blowing our surprise on here though... everyone is going to have to wait until next year to find out. 

There's only 405 days left!

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