Friday, January 4, 2013

Engagement Ring Revamp

Sooooo, wedding rings. A debacle we've been torn on since we first got engaged over a year ago. I think Rob has finally decided he definitely wants a meteorite ring. I think he should get one. He needs to love whatever he gets because he's the one wearing it forever. 

For me, it's been more difficult then yes or no to one ring. It's been, do I just wear my current ring since it's technically two? Do I switch it to my other hand then wear only a wedding ring on my left hand? Do I find something or have something made that fits around it? Or do I have the guard taken off? After a lot of debating and "deciding" on every decision possible at some point or another. But we decided to have the guard taken off so I can wear a wedding ring and my engagement ring all on one finger. I got the engagement ring back today and it looks sooooo different with the guard off. But I love it. It looks really pretty and perfect.

So there it is. Shiny and lovely. And now I can officially find a wedding ring.

Also, tomorrow morning we're meeting up with my mom to go register. So that should be fun. Then a week from today is our menu tasting and details meeting at our venue. And I found someone to recreate the Wedding Paper Divas invitations I want for a fraction of the cost. Then I can print them from Vista Print and save a crap ton of money. Score. So much to do still, it's crazy!

Only 148 days left. That four months and four weeks to go!

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