Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Ever Growing To Do List

Happy holidays! They're coming to a close, but wedding stuff is picking up for us.

We've discussed details further. We're trying to nail down a lot of the smaller details like centerpieces, decorations in various places throughout the venue, favors, etc. My mom and I met up with Sharon, her florist friend who is doing our silk arrangements, and picked out ribbon and the last of the silk flowers. 

All five of my girls have ordered their dresses and they should be in by mid to late March, which leaves plenty of time in case anyone needs alterations. 

Emily has booked my shower venue. She was asking me stuff about my registries today, so it sounds like she's getting started on doing invitations already too. 

Speaking of registries, we started a small Amazon one a bit ago. And now on Saturday the fifth we're going to huge Bed Bath and Beyond on the Boulevard to do our big registry. We're both pretty excited about it. Our menu tasting and details meeting is in only two weeks as well. So things are really starting to come together. 

Next week I plan on taking my ring to the jeweler too, then hopefully we can finally order wedding rings and be done with that whole debacle. 

So that's what's going on for the next two weeks. Then after that it's going to ordering invitations, making place card and escort cards, getting my silk arrangements done, buying favors, a cake topper and the other cake decoration we need to purchase for the baker, buying the last of the decoration things, schedule and have my hair and make up trial, figure out a card box things, figure out the flower girls dresses/baskets/flower/etc., put together welcome bags... just everything else. So yeah. Still quite a bit to get done.

Just 156 more days to go. That's five months and five days!

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