Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Engaging Wedding Checks

I don't know what I've done since my last post. My brain is soo jumbled with wedding garbble right now.

The most exciting wedding related news is that Andy (Rob's best man) proposed to Emily (my maid of honor) on Friday and they are engaged! I'm so pumped about it and I can't wait to see Emily in two weeks for our girls weekend. 

On the side of my own wedding, we've been mostly productive. Friday we met with Dana form DTO's about catering our rehearsal dinner. Rob's mom is taking the lead on that. But we picked a menu out and I'm very excited. Our rehearsal dinner is going to be laid back and outside in the park for a good, fun time. And everyone is invited, so it's like weekend long wedding festivities abound. 

Trying to think, trying to think. Urrrmmm. Yeah, that's my brain. I bought a bunch of stuff.  I purchased four pounds of loose rock candy in our colors to bring to Lori to decorate our cake with. I have no idea what four pounds of rock candy looks like or how much that really is, but hopefully it's more than enough. I bought my own accessories  I want one more thing then I think my attire will be all taken care of. 

I had one of my fellow June 2013 brides from TK design our invitations. I wanted the ones that match our save the dates but it would cost me like $600 to get them through Wedding Paper Divas. She, in her infinite awesomeness, recreated them and made them even cuter than the WPD ones and only charged me $35 for the invitation, all the information typically found on a separate card on the back, and two rsvps (one for the rehearsal dinner and one for the wedding). I bought a Vista Print groupon and all said and done I probably saved like $500-ish. So I'm pumped about that and those should show up in about two weeks. 

I feel like there's more, but I honestly don't know what. All I know is there's still a ton left to do and we're very quickly running low on time to do it all in. 

There's only 130 days left. That's 4 months, 1 week and 3 days to go. 

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