Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Much Needed Face Lift

I've been trying to hold out until we were completely finished, but alas, I'm impatient.

Remember when I redid our kitchen counter tops while Rob was away on business without consulting him? Well, he was skeptical at first, as I would have been as well. But then, it started to grow on him. And then, he did just started doing this

That's right. The sneaky sneaks who painted our house before we moved in painted over the existing laminate backsplash. Which explains why we couldn't figure out what material that part of the wall was. It too was the same repulsive shade of yellow as the counters. 

So once we had ruined our walls, we had no choice but to continue. So we went to Lowes and picked out some mosaic tile backsplash. It took multiple trips to Lowes to get it all figured out. We hoped the 12" tile sheet would fit perfect, but it was a smidge too big. But cutting off a row of tiles left too much space. So we had to get creative. We ended up buying a second type of tile and mixing them together into a pattern that perfectly the space. Way to go us. 

Ignore the fact that we did not do our dishes first. We know. But that's the end result. Two rows of the big tiles, two rows of the little tiles and on the sides where there isn't the top part of the counters, five rows of the big ones and two rows of small tiles. Came out really great, much better than anticipated and it was honestly quite easy. 

And now that we were on a roll, we went ahead and painted. And got rid of our make shift, rickety floor cabinet and replaced it with an awesome new hutch. Thennnn we went ahead and added two new upper cabinets over the stove. 

What we're still waiting on, and caused my hesitation to brag, is a beautiful slab of real butcher block. That white cart will replace the black one next to the fridge and a new lower cabinet with our pretty, pretty butcher block will go next to the stove. But apparently it takes like three weeks to ship. And, in case you don't remember what our kitchen looked like before...

Sooo, yeah, a much needed face lift.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program; the wedding. I wrote our ceremony. Just need to make one or two small changes then send it off to Daniel. My bridal shower is on Saturday and I'm so excited. And my first dress fitting is on the 17th. Then all the big stuff is finally, totally done. Just details, head counts, seating chart, final vendor meetings and talks, and then, wedding time!

Only 58 days left. Less then two months. Wowza. 

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