Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shower of Love or Plumbing Fiasco?

So I haven't really updated because we aren't really doing much wedding related right now. Mostly just waiting for rsvp's to finish rolling in. After that we can do our seating chart and place cards, I can type up some variations of head and food counts for the venue and our baker. 

Our final meeting with our DJ is in two and half weeks. Then I'll start the final talks with our photographer. I've slowly begun to put together must have photo lists and family portrait lists. 

We've been pretty engrossed in house stuff lately. Here's a sneak peak of the crazy that is owning an 81 year old home.

Good riddance pink plastic tile. I will see you in Hell. Also, you can probably guess why there's a hole in our kitchen ceiling and bucket on a ladder. Our plumbing does this special thing where whenever it decides to completely crap out it waits until a Sunday night. So, that always makes things more fun. A house update will come eventually. 

We still have a bit to do for the wedding. Our hotel block gets released after today. I have my first dress fitting tomorrow. We have quite a bit left to buy including flower girl baskets, our card box that we need to make, something for people to "throw" at our during the recessional, favors, ties for the ushers, and I'm sure a million things I'm not thinking about. We need to go apply for our marriage license. 

I haven't been nervous or stressed about the wedding really at all except for a few stressed moments over one or two particular aspects. Like dress shopping, what a nightmare. But in general I can honestly say I have no idea how people stress themselves out so much. I have no idea why people need lists and more lists and lists for their lists. I still haven't figured out what other people put in planning binders other than what's in mine (contract copies, payment receipts, guest list with food choices). Really, what's in there..? 

But I will say, right now, I feel slightly overwhelmed. It's coming up so fast. I'm very grateful I made our rsvp deadline for a month out instead of two weeks out like normal people do. But on that same aside, that deadline is only two weeks away and if I want to focus on the things mentioned in the first paragraph as the last things I do after the deadline other than communicating with vendors, then I need to get cracking on everything else. Which is slightly nerve wracking. Fingers crossed all the house stuff is done by this weekend and we can go back to focusing on the wedding, because if I don't do something vaguely productive for it soon I might actually get legitimately stressed, and no one wants that. 

ALSO! I had my bridal shower last weekend!

My Girls! They did such an amazing job! It was wonderful, I loved seeing everyone and getting some time to spend with my loved ones. I can't even begin to thank them enough. I truly do have some amazing friends. 

Okay. Good. Only 46 days left. Yup, that's it. Yikes!

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