Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is This What Stress Feels Like..?

Okay, so it's been a while now since I last updated. Things are rolling right along, sort of. 

We've gone back to looking at rings. It's been quite the trying issue to make a decision here. But we've got some solid plans in the works. Rob is planning on getting his meteorite ring. I'm having the guard removed off mine after the new year so I can purchase a wedding band. Then that should be all set on both accounts. 

We have our meeting with coordinator coming up soon; January 11th to be exact. We have the big list of "things" we need to be able to answer by then, but I don't how much of it Rob or my parents have actually thought about it. I also have a running list of detail ideas and questions to ask. 

We went to Rob's cousin Daniel's wedding in Chattanooga over the weekend. It was nice to see a wedding in action with ours being so close now. And now that Daniel's wedding is over we can start thinking about our ceremony. Daniel is officiating for us, so now that his plate is clear of his own wedding we can start putting together out own. 

On top of that, going to another wedding has sparked Rob's interest in things he normally didn't care about having a say in. Things like centerpieces and escort cards. I originally showed him a picture of escort cards I wanted to make and he said they were fine and that he didn't care what they looked like. Now he wants to scrap that idea in lieu of another. Which is fine by me. I'm by no means going to have a disagreement about escort cards of all things. My only issue with this though is that some things he wants to change are things I have already invested money in. So I kind of wish he had wanted a say earlier, ya know, before I spent money. But it is our wedding, so I want us both to like it. 

I went ahead and made a partial payment for our DJ today too. He's about 50% paid off at this point and I'm hoping to have that paid off soon. He was by no means the cheapest in the area, but a great DJ was high on our priorities list, so we splurged. I also bumped up the price by insisting I had to have uplighting, which I'm still excited about, even though it racked the bill up some.

I got a sample invitation from Wedding Paper Divas, who I ordered our save the dates from. They can custom color our invites to match our colors for a small fee. That's fine though because I have yet to find anything else I really like and love the idea of having the matching set. So I'll splurge here too I guess. Money for everyone (except me of course). 

Finally, for now I guess, I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot, is that hopefully Saturday my mom and I will get out to Hobby Lobby. I really want to buy any more decoration things that we need. I'm starting to feel slightly stressed and panicked that things aren't moving along quickly enough anymore and feel like buying some detail related items will help quell those feelings. Hopefully. 

Alright, 5 months, 1 week and 6 days left. that boils down to 164 days to go. Getting there we are. 

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