Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh, Home Ownership...

Let's go ahead and start this post on a positive note. 

Friday we booked our florist. She did a mock up of what my bouquet will look like and I'm very happy with the results. Check.

Today I paid the deposit and booked our baker. We went with Lori from Bagels and Cakes because she makes awesome "Cake Boss" grooms cakes, which we want. And, the best part, she'll make our rock candy cake for us! This is the inspiration for our cake: 

Obviously ours will be have purple and orange rock candy on it, but that's the gist. Now to find a sweet baseball themed topper.

I also have banana spice muffins in the oven and they have walnuts and white chocolate chips in them. And I'm making pumpkin better than sex cake tonight too. So be jealous of my sweet baking skills. 

Now, for the less exciting part, home ownership.

Right now we're dealing with the dryer. It's not producing heat and our wet clothes are just tumbling endlessly because it has a sensor in it that adds time if things aren't dry yet. It's just over a year old, we got it last year the day after we closed on our house. We bought the extended warranty  but they can't send someone until NEXT Thursday the 29th. Seriously. That's more than a week, it's insane.

We also got our gas logs hooked up in our fireplace. The bill for that hasn't come yet. I can only imagine what that will be. We ended up having to buy a hood for it too since we have an old school, heat producing fireplace with a very shallow firebox with outward slanting walls. Can't risk ruining our tv that's mounted over the mantle. Or, ya know, the custom, hand carved, original 1930's wooden mantle. So today we figure out the technique for how to properly use masonry bits and screws to drill that into the brick face of the fireplace. It seems to be diverting the heat enough, so we'll see.

Annnnnd, just to add more to the fun, last night we discovered the kitchen sink leaks. I remember when we had our inspection Hans told us there was still one rouge ceramic pipe under there to keep an eye on. Surprisingly enough though, it's the pvc pipes and they've obviously been leaking for a while. It smells like moldy broccoli under there. Good thing nothing of value is underneath. Just the left over paint cans from when the house was painted while it was on the market. I had intended to take them out, clean up under there and move our cleaning stuff under there. Now, until we fix that, and probably the floors under it that are probably rotting, it's nothing but a bucket so we can still use the sink with minimal fear of further destroying our floors. Not that we like them anyways, but still. I had every hope to lay new floors over the existing since I'm terrified of what an 81 year old sub floor looks like and have no desire to find. I may have to face that fear now. 

Our next house will definitely be newer. This will be my only blue and yellow 1930's kitchen and pink 1950's bathroom. Not that I don't love our house and all it's charm. But I'd give up my pretty original glass doorknobs with skeletons keys for a newer house that didn't require so much damn love. Joy.

Anywhooo, 192 days to go! That's 6 months, 1 week and 4 days. Woo!

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