Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coordinating Conundrum

Little snafu today... our coordinator is leaving our venue. I'm a bit sad about this. She's been there 15 years, all the vendors in the area know her and love working with her. She has nothing but amazing reviews. I was so excited to work with her. And that was coming soon, after the six month mark. And now she's leaving. 

I didn't hear this from our venue though, which is some what disconcerting. I found out at work. Our secretary called to confirm our date and room reservations for our winter luncheon, conveniently being held at our venue. She called the coordinator who confirmed, then gave her the new name and contact information for the new, soon to be coordinator. I planned to email to current lady tonight, but I go too caught up with other house things. It's on my to do list for tomorrow. Just... frustrating. I've read too many horror stories on The Knot about girls having the coordinator switched and things not going well. I'm hoping because we still have some time that'll work out alright. 

Otherwise, on the planning front, all the silks I bought showed up. We officially have all our flowers except for the few real ones we're getting for myself, Rob, and our parents. I also bought shoes. I found them a few weeks ago and wasn't ready to commit. I went back for them and they were marked at 30% off. Score!

My dress... I'm stressed again. When I picked it out, the sample was an eight and fit perfectly. But sometimes samples are stretched out from being tried on. I got measured and all my measurements were in between sizes, three different ones to be exact. The consultant told me to pick whatever I was comfortable with so I went with a ten, thinking that was safe. But I tried on some party dresses with Emily and Annie a month or so ago now and those were all eights and fit perfect. I wanted to order an eight when I ordered the dress, but I was nervous it'd be too small and I'd end up in tears. Now I wish I had gotten an eight so I wouldn't have to pay for so many alterations. 

Lastly, rings. My engagement ring is a large, awkward shaped ring that takes up a lot of finger real estate. It's going to be difficult to fin a ring to put next to it. My thought has been to move it to my right hand permanently post wedding and put something flashy in it's place. I found what I wanted online, but the price recently went up. Like way up, like doubled in price up. So in a panic I went to a bunch of jewelry places to search for something similar in store, only to come up disappointed. I finally caved and tried something on next to my ring. I can fit a very thin, small band behind/under it, but I'm not sure. I'm so torn about what to do. 

I'm ready for this wedding to happen already so we can be married and happy and move onto the marriage part. I'm really excited for the wedding, but seven more months might kill me. 

Anyways, today marks exactly seven months! Woohoo!

Update 11-2: A letter came from our venue today. It was really nondescript, just stating there was going to be a change in contact person and that someone would contact us soon with the updated contact information. So it sounds like they haven't actually hired a new coordinator yet. The name that the coordinator gave our secretary was the Sales Director's information, so she must be the stop gap until someone new starts. Hopefully someone's in there soon and we can get caught up on the new person's information and schedule a time to meet them. Frustrating. 

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