Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crunch Time

I feel like I'm in wedding crunch time right now. It's getting down to the wire (sort of) and things are starting to get to the point of have-to-get-done-now. 

I've been in contact with our new coordinator a bit. I told her I'd get hold of her after the new year to set up a details meeting. Asked about menu tasting and she said we can set that up whenever. So I'm thinking I may contact her next week about that and set something up for prior to our details meeting.

I have my florist appointment and the final cake appointment on Friday afternoon. Once both those things have deposits down on them I can draft our vendors list to have both for myself and to give to the Ramada, as they require one. I still need to call our DJ again about adding the ceremony music to our contract. 

Speaking of details, I started putting together a list of all the different "details" things that I need to have an answer to when we go to the meeting, such as "centerpieces", "arch decor", "aisle decor", "linens", etc. I figure if I can give a super detailed list, including pictures when possible, to the Ramada, then they can just replicate it on the day of and I won't have to answer any questions or whatever. 

I also met up with my friend Brittany yesterday and asked her if she would do a reading at the ceremony. She said yes and I'm sooo excited for her to be part of our wedding.

I've started to go through my wedding pinterest board and put together a must have list of shots for our photographer. I'll have to have my mother and Rob's mother draft formal family line up must have pictures. I plan on having a list of everyone who will be in pictures, in the order we plan to take them, and give everyone in them a copy so they know when they're needed a for how long. I'd like to take only about 20 minutes for formals then move onto wedding party and then just us pictures. 

Lauren is officially my first bridesmaid to order her dress! Those need to be ordered by December to be here on tim and have time for possible alterations. 

Yesterday I went adult trick or treating, as I called it. I drove down maybe about ten miles of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail to go a cork gathering rampage. I went to maybe seven or eight wineries and it's great because they just dump the corks in a bag and off you go. Love free stuff! I got about half of what we need. If I had the time I would have drove more of the 40 miles trail and been able to get enough, but I'll just go again in a few weeks. I'm going to use them to make escort cards. I figure since we live in wine country that can be my slight nod at that. Plus now my car smells nice like fine wine. 

I feel like I'm forgetting stuff, but maybe not. Anyways...

200 days!!! That's a mere 28 weeks! Or 6 months, 2 weeks and 5 days. 

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