Wednesday, October 24, 2012

House Keeping Checks

I've been vaguely productive this week. Wedding wise at least. The rest of my life, not so much.

Made a florist appointment
Made a cake finalization appointment/tasting
Temporarily postponed my make up trial until after the holidays
Called our DJ to add ceremony music to our contract. He was on another call and was supposed to call me back but never did. This is just pretty much how he rolls and I'm not concerned. It'll get added one of these days. 
Ordered ten more bouquets of orange gerbera daisies. I now have enough for all five girls bouquets and all our centerpieces.
Ordered three bouquets of purple tulips for the five groomsmen/best man boutineers and to fill out the girls bouquets a bit more. 

That's it. Once we secure the cake and florist we'll have all our vendors booked except for the rehearsal dinner caterer. But that's not a big deal, the place we want to use is aware we intend to book them at some point. Otherwise it'll just be detail now. After the six month mark we can schedule our first appointment with our venue coordinator to start on the details and what not. 

We also Have Daniel's wedding coming up soon; mid December. I'm pretty excited to go down to Chattanooga and see everyone and enjoy someone else's love and hard work. Then after that we can start talking to Daniel about our wedding too, since he'll be officiating for us. 

As for the rest of my life, I've been unusually tired. I've been going to bed early and sleeping right through Rob coming home from work. Normally I wake up when I hear him come home if I'm not still awake, but the last week or so I've slept through it. I'm a really light sleeper. No idea what the deal is. Getting up to work out has been harder than usual too. 

Iron Girl registration in one week. Time to get my triathlon juices flowing. Mini Mussel registration is in three week. Going to tri my tail off this year with three races. Game face time.

220 days to go until wedding day. That's 7 months, 1 week and 1 day!

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