Thursday, May 16, 2013

To-Do List

Soooooo close, holy crap!

Quick update because it's been a while. We're mostly just sitting idle and tying up loose ends. Here's what we did recently:

Picked up our marriage license!
Put together hotel welcome bags
Had my final fitting
Made our seating chart
Gave the venue/caterer final numbers
Paid off the florist
Finalized numbers and details for the rehearsal dinner
Bought flower girl basket
Acquired a ring bearer that is not our dog
Got my decorations minus the centerpieces from Sharon
Sent Brittany her reading
Worked with Daniel to finalize our ceremony
Figured out the timing for hair and make up the day of

And probably more, but that's what I can dig out of my brain right now. Right now I'm currently assembling favors and I just sent Rob back to work with the place cards and a copy of the seating chart. So he'll be typing those out on his work typewriter tonight. 

Still to do:

Give the final count to the baker and pay the remainder of that balance
Go over the shot list with the photographer and plan her timeline
Make my day of schedule (which is what I'm most stressed about right now and can start once I get the timing confirmation from my coordinator)
Final meeting with our DJ (this Sunday)
Final meeting with the venue (some time the week of)
Drop off the decorations and hotel bags (week of)
Get a manicure
Pack for the night before/day of/honeymoon
Ties for the ushers
Figure out and buy throwy things for the recessional
Write my vows (almost forgot about this one, woops. It's probably important. Probably)

So, not bad. All doable in the amount of time we left, which is like, none. Only 16 days left. Freaking 16 days and I will be married. Hoooooly cow.

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