Friday, May 24, 2013

The Final Countdown

Phhheeeewwwww, almost done. Which is good. We worked really hard to have everything done early, which we pretty much do now. Somehow we're both still feeling a bit stressed, and ready for it just be here. 

So right now our docket is just about cleared. Rob's mom is ironing our linens for us and helping us paint our card box. We met with the DJ last week and hashed out most of the music selections and a time line for the evening. I spoke with our photographer and I just need to shoot her off the photo list. I put together our day of time line, at least the one for the girls. Up until the ceremony they boys can do whatever. Then after that obviously we're following the same one. I went and picked up the meal choice stickers for the place cards and we have our final meeting with our coordinator at the venue on Thursday and we'll drop everything off then too. And right now I'm working on writing my vows. And that's it. Really, we're done. 

Also, I've been checking the weather ever since extended forecasts came out at the 25 day mark. Right now it's saying mid 80's and mostly sunny for both the welcome picnic in the park Friday night and for the wedding Saturday. Fingers crossed it stays that way. It's jumped around like crazy. Ultimately though, I won't freak out if the weather is crummy since it's out of our control. But nice would nice. 

We've been doing a lot around the house. The kitchen and bathroom remodel, we refinished the stair treads and upstairs hallway floors. I did a crapload of cleaning yesterday. Rob's been mowing, we have more landscaping to do. It's slowly but surely coming along. I still have a lot more cleaning to do to get the house to where I want it. 

This weekend we're having our bachelor and bachelorette parties. It'll be nice to hang with our friends and decompress a bit. I'm ready. We're both ready. We had almost an exactly year and a half long engagement. It was 532 days long and we've planned enough and we're both ready to get married. It's been a long time coming. And now, there are only 8 days left. And I couldn't be happier. 

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

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