Monday, October 15, 2012

Picture Perfect Updates

Okay, wedding updates, go!

I bought 150 plum napkins and 150 eggplant chair sashes. I gave the two different color names because that's what they were listed as on the classified posts I purchased them from on The Knot. I know they'll be different shades of dark purple and I don't really care. The table runners I bought a few months ago are a slightly different shade of eggplant then a sashes which showed up over the weekend. So goes life. It'll be dim lighting in the reception, so people won't notice anyways. The napkins should be here any day. I need to do something about the wedding stuff. It no longer fits in the guest room closet. The door no longer closes, and with napkins still to come and two more orders of silk flowers to be placed, it's only going to get worse. 

I need to reschedule my makeup trial. I really need to make it for after the holidays when I can spring the extra money. That means I need to call soon since the trial is scheduled for next week. I also need to call about placing a deposit with our baker and set up a first floral appointment. I plan on sitting down and making all those calls in one swoop some time this week. 

I just sent Emily the tentative shower guest list. There's a few people I'll need to add at some point and a few addresses I need to round up. A few peoples addresses have changed since we originally got them all back in February, so hopefully people will be quick to get back to me. 

Scott took out engagement pictures on Saturday. We went out to camp and the weather was perfect, the sun was shining and the leaves looked pretty and colorful. We took most of the pictures on the challenge course, so they'll be very different and unique from the typical engagement pictures people take. Scott already finished up editing them and put them on a disc that he mailed today. They should be here tomorrow or the next day and I'm sooooo excited to see them. 

Rob and I started to finally actually plug some music into our DJ's online playlist builder. That's fun, but it's not broken down specifically enough so I'm keeping a very detailed running list in a word document as well to have when we meet with him once the date gets closer. 

I'm too tired and headache ridden to rack my brain for non wedding related updates. Work, working out, keeping the house in order, having some really good weekends with Rob and our friends lately. I have my National Credentialing CHES exam this Saturday, so fingers crossed for me.

Also, friends and family coming to the wedding, remember that room reservation are now available  After April 16th you will not be able to get a room and odds are you won't find one anywhere else in town. Geneva is a summer vacation town and is booked solid everywhere all summer. Please plan accordingly. 

As usual, 229 days left, or 7 months 2 weeks and 3 days!

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