Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Cake!

So, we went to a cake tasting. We went to Bagels and Cakes because I've heard nothing but amazing things on The Knot local boards about the lady there. She was awesome and her prices were good. She can make us a really cool shaped grooms cake too. I was disappointed, however, that we only got to try two different kinds of cake. I plan on making us another appointment at another baker to taste more things before we settle on working with Lori. I have the "preferred" list from the Ramada, but only one of the four Geneva bakers besides Lori seems to still be in business and I left a message. Hopefully they'll get back to me promptly. 

Not much else on the wedding front. Still debating honeymoon ideas; where to go when, how to get there, the dog, etc. 

I should call a florist too I guess. Otherwise, I just made a google documents list of everything left to do. I'm sure I left a thousand things out. Like how I just remembered as I type this that I put nothing relating to our coordinator on the list. Ya know, like scheduling our rehearsal, detail appointments, menu tasting and selection, compiling and providing vendor lists, everything that has to with the venue essentially. Dur.

Not wedding related, the deck still isn't finished. The stair railings are proving to be a huge challenge. Since they had to be so high we had to plan and cut our own stringers and make the stairways from scratch completely. One starts from the box the other from the beams, so they aren't the same angle. It's making things difficult. But we do have like a third of the balusters in place, so that's great. 

Anyways, guess that's kind of it for now. Hopefully I'll have more concrete updates one of these days.

Count down... 285 days or 9 months, 1 week and 5 days. Getting there. 

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