Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Plans in the Works

Well it's been a while. Sorry about that. Not much else has really happened concretely, but there's a lot in discussion right now.

We've been discussing the logistics of our road trip honeymoon and the dog. We want him to come with us, but it will severely limit a lot of things we want to do. Rob is talking about going for a shorter time, flying part of the way, renting a car and only touring like half the places we originally wanted so we aren't away from the dog for as long. I contest that this is probably our last chance to take a big trip like this and that we should take full advantage of our opportunity. His parents have offered to watch the dog, as have mine. So we'll see how that shakes out. 

We've also talked a fair bit about the rehearsal dinner. Obviously the rehearsal itself will be us, our parents and wedding party. But for the dinner we originally were going to host it at our house. But my mom and Rob's mom both voiced concerns about us feeling the stress of hosting a huge party the night before our wedding. Then we dabbled on the idea of the Belhurst and only inviting certain people. But with sooooo many people coming from out of state, most people will be in town with little to do Friday night and we really want to take advantage of our time with everyone. So the new plan is to rent the big party pavilion in the park, about a mile or so down from the Ramada, have backyard bbq catered and invite anyone who's in town by then to come down, eat and relax. I am all about this idea. Rob's mom and him devised it and since his mom and dad are technically hosting the rehearsal, I value their opinion on it. Rob was saying he'd go down and check out the pavilion one of these days. I'm thinking it'd be fun to walk down there with the dog and check it out together so we can make a final decision. 

I also started to consider flowers. We'll be using a fair amount of fake flowers to cut costs. I ordered a bunch of orange silk gerbera daisies online the other day and they should be here soon. Also, we've been talking about setting up cake tasting soon. Honestly, who doesn't want fee cake..?

My two dress appointments are only two and half weeks away at this point. I'm getting really excited to go shopping!

We officially have 340 days left to go. That's 11 months and 6 days! Getting closer everyday!

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