Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dress Dilemma

Oh gosh. I've been dress shopping and I think it's starting to eat away at my brain. We've been engaged almost eight months and I have yet to be stressed about anything up until this point.

I've been to five dress appointments at four different stores and have probably tried on like 60 or so dresses. I'm struggling to make a decision. My problem lies in the fact that I saw a dress I fell in love with back at a bridal expo in January. Knowing I wasn't going to go dress shopping until July, I didn't really look at dresses over those seven months. But in the back of my mind I always thought back to that one from the expo.

Now that I'm trying on dresses, I'm having a hard time seeing myself in anything else. The dress from the expo has completely clouded my vision. I've found other dresses that I love, but I keep going back to the first one. As I look at pictures of myself in the two dresses I'm currently fixated on, I wonder if maybe I should try on more..? I feel like I'm just confusing myself at this point. I'm also wondering if I have that expo dress on an imaginary pedestal by now. The first time I put it on though, I was ready to just walk right out of the store in it. However, it's also over budget. To get it vaguely in budget I'd have to buy the sample. But it'll need alterations and I just don't know.

I feel like I need time to think about it. However, as the days in between appointments drag on, I feel more confused and overwhelmed. Like the extra time to think about it is just making me dwell and question it more and more. I feel like I should try on more dresses but I also think I'll just confuse myself more. I just don't really know where to go from here and I'm so torn and confused about the whole situation. I need it to be Friday again so I can try both dresses on again and try to figure out a decision. I'm not usually this indecisive and it's really, really frustrating me. Blerg.

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