Monday, June 3, 2013

We Did It!

Oh my gosh! It was wonderful! Our RD Friday night was great. We opened it to our whole guest list and about half (like 70+!) people showed up. It was so wonderful having two days to spend with our families. Our best man made a video slide show thing I totally cried through it. 

The day of went almost flawlessly. The only hiccup was our baker didn't make our grooms cake. It was supposed to be a cake shaped and made to look like the cabin signs from the camp we met at. I called her and she was so rude to me about it. She brought a stupid fondant cookie thing instead of a cake (which I broke in half accidentally while having my bridezilla meltdown in the middle of the ballroom). She said she wasn't going to bring it because she didn't remember us talking about it and never charged me for it, even though we went over it five days before the wedding and I brought her a pictures. My coordinator got really mad at her and immediately sent one of her staffers to Wegmans to buy us a cake that she was going to put the cookie on and write "groom's cake" on. But the baker ended up dropping off and extremely half assed, sloppy looking one (which never got cut and was sent home with us and is actually really delicious.) 

Other than that everything went perfect. The storms that were supposed to happen all weekend still haven't shown up. It was sunny and beautiful. There wasn't a dry eye in the place during the ceremony and everyone loved our personal, written vows. The food was amazing, everyone danced and had a great time. It goes so fast! Rob teared up a number of times. He keeps raving about how gorgeous I was and how he thinks my dress was perfect. He told me during I first dance I made the right choice and it got me all teared up. I never full out cried, but I had tears welling all day over everything. Happy tears, I only legit cried after hanging up on the baker. It just couldn't have been better. Our venue was amazing, the staff bent over backwards to make us as happy as possible and the fact that they truly cared about us was so evident. All our guests had nothing bad to say and were blown away. It was amazing!

That's all the photos that I've gotten back at this point. These are just candids from other people. Hopefully Sonia posts our teaser album quickly!

Tomorrow we're off for our honeymoon!

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